”Time thou anticipat’st my dread exploits”. this line means that Macbeth is thinking of doing something very when he Mentioned the word dread when he heard that Macduff had fled to England to fight against macbeth

Macbeth doesn’t seem convinced with the apparitions advice and what they say to him

Quote from book  ” if you hadn’t heard of Silas scratch well now you have because it spread like a wildfire” The book I have been reading is the magnificent diary series by the author Jeff Kinney, diary of a wimpy kid: old school. This book is all about the funny adventure of Greg heffley, […]

in this scene macbeth has gone to see the 3 witches (once again) to see his future,but they show him 3 apparitions which tell him about how he is safe from harm unless something happens so macbeth now thinks he is unstoppable or is he?.

In this scene the lord and Lennox are talking about the strange things that have been happening like the mysterious death of Duncan and the death of banquo and also they discussed that Macduff has gone to go to England to start a war with Scotland

macbeyhs sees banquos ghost at an important banquet and sits in his seat Macbeth freaks out and starts to panick

”It will have blood they say,blood will have blood i  in blood steepp’d so far that should I wade no more, returning were as tendions as go o-er I think that the quote means that the murderer who killed the people will end up have their blood shattered/spilled all over the floor like the people […]

In this scene Macbeth has killed the king and no one knows yet but Macduff was ordered by the king to wake him up (if he was still alive) but Macbeth is scared that Macduff will find out that he killed the king because he was the last person near the king so Macbeth would […]

Macbeth feels the evil flowing through his veins after lady macbeth

act 1 scene 7 is all about Macbeth having second thoughts about killing king Duncan it tells you why he says what if the plan fails and ”we will proceed no further in this buisness…” and when he says that he is talking about his second thought because if the plan fails Macbeth and his […]